15 Mar 2015
New site launch allows 3D artists around the world access essential tools
Webdesign- Drupal- CSS

Allegorithmic’s new site revamp includes a multitude of new features that facilitate users’ purchasing experience.

Shanghai, China – 15/03/15 – Mediasia Interactive proudly presents the launch of Allegorithmic’s new and improved website, www.allegorithmic.com. The new site features new design and animation never-before-seen on the previous site, as well as a number of newly added features to facilitate an easier purchasing experience for audiences.

Allegorithmic has been reinventing texturing since 2003, and has brought essential tools to more than 50,000 3D artists worldwide. Fully integrated with a multitude of platforms, such as Steam, Allegorithmic’s revamped site allows their innovations and tools to be more easily accessible to the wider audience. To further facilitate users, the site now includes live features which allow users to pay as they go. With the combination of easy accessibility and convenience, the site is heading for a change from scattered customers to a close-knitted community of loyal users.

About Mediasia Interactive
Mediasia interactive is a young and growing web agency based in the heart of Shanghai. Specializing in web design and development, their passionate team has been at the forefront of numerous creative and technical projects spanning Europe and Asia. Since their formation in 2011, they have had over 140 projects online. As strong believers of producing work to be proud of, their team’s goal is to successfully combine creativity, innovation and expertise in their projects.

For more information on this project visit the case study on our website.

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