15 Jan 2015
Mediasia Interactive introduces new face for Virtuos games
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Virtuos Games’ Unveiling of Their Revamped and Tailor-Made Site Facilitates Perusing for All Audiences

Shanghai, China – January 2015 – Mediasia Interactive proudly presents the launch of Virtuos Games’ fully-featured website, www.virtuosgames.com. The new site allows audiences to follow Virtuos’ evolution as a brand by allowing easily accessible news and updates straight from the company.

Having worked with 15 of the top 20 game companies worldwide, Virtuos has made a name for themselves in the game development sector. With the goal of excelling as a digital entertainment production company, Virtuos’ passion and professionalism in their work has been reflected within their new site.

To accurately portray Virtuos’ strive for excellence and professionalism, Mediasia Interactive has created a high-end corporate website that accurately reflects the transparency in the level of professionalism at Virtuos. Simultaneously, Virtuos’ dynamism and passion for their field are mirrored in the unique and unexpected qualities of the site.

Virtuos is a company focused on growth and expansion. Understanding the significance of growth and expansion, the new site tackles the question of how to increase the number of potential job seekers perusing the site. The solution: an easily accessible ‘Job Opening’ section to facilitate easier searching for job seekers.

Mediasia interactive is a young and growing web agency based in the heart of Shanghai. Specializing in web design and development, their passionate team has been at the forefront of numerous creative and technical projects spanning Europe and Asia. Since their formation in 2011, they have had over 140 projects online. As strong believers of producing work to be proud of, their team’s goal is to successfully combine creativity, innovation and expertise in our projects.

For more information on this project visit the case study on our website.

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