01 Dec 2014
Mediasia Interactive helps Air France passengers attain business class upgrades
Webdesign- Mobile application- Game

Air France Passengers Now Have a Chance to Win Free Business Class Upgrades with Mediasia Interactive’s Social Game App

Crossing our fingers for a free flight upgrade is hardly news for frequent flyers, but with up 16% of us resorting to lying to get an upgrade, the dream of having spacious leg-room and functional reclining seats could not seem further from reality.

December 2014, the boarding gates of Changi Airport and Kansai Airport (in Singapore and Japan, respectively) were transformed into an arena-of-sorts. Over 400 passengers were given the unique opportunity to be upgraded to Air France’s new business class cabins in Asia. Working in conjunction with Fred and Farid, Mediasia Interactive produced the social game app, ‘Cloud Slicer’, which allows the game’s top 15 scorers to be upgraded to business class and runners-up to premium economy. The game itself features a ‘Fruit Ninja’-esque objective, where participants ‘slice’ animated clouds. From the 19th of January – 28th of February, top scorers of specific flights departing from: China; Hong Kong; Japan; Singapore; and Indonesia, will have the chance to win a Business class upgrade on their Air France flight.

Since its release, Cloud Slicer has garnered immense media attention – from being widely circulated between blogs, to winning the Mobile of the Day award. Despite the end of the contest period, Mediasia Interactive is nonetheless proud to share the game with those who are interested.

Engaging and stimulating, the Cloud Slicer game propels Mediasia Interactive further forwards in the growing pool of Shanghai digital production agencies.

For more information on this project visit the case study on our website.

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